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Each luxurious bar in our Maithong Travel Soap Set, has been create using the cold process to preserve the valuable emulsifying compound, glycerin. This requires an extra step during the production process, one we at Maithong believe worth carrying out for your precious skin’s ultimate cleanse. Sized for optimal ease, our creamy lathering bars allow you to be enveloped in our lush, signature combination of Siamese herbs, fruits and moisturizing oils, when away from the comfort of your home.


Sunshine (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Forest (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Romance (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Adventure (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Relax (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Beach (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Summer’s eve (30 g. x 1 pcs.)

Maithong Travel Soaps Gift Set

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